UPDATE FOR 1/22 and 1/23.

It was great to see the kids playing this weekend.  There was a very positive and supportive atmosphere in all the gyms.  Every one of our volunteers (HTAA is 100% run by volunteers) appreciated the kind words and kind feedback we have received.

Thank you for all you did to keep the kids and each other safe.  We appreciate the 100% level of mask-wearing by all that were involved.

ATTN BOYS CLINIC - 2nd-grade boys will meet in the Upper gym and many of them will be taken to RMS for spacing and social distancing!

  1. For 1/22 and 1/23 - athletes will again be masked!

  2. Please abide by the 1 spectator rule!

  3. Please make sure you have turned in the release form!  It can be found here (http://htaabasketball.org/documents)

  4. Please make sure your athlete shows their coach the https://screener.htsd.us/. Every time they enter the gym.

  5. Please do not sit on the top of the bleachers.  This is a safety concern from the high school.  In the past, we had a young person get SEVERLY injured by falling off the top bleachers.  We forgot to mention this in prior emails.  

  6. The schedule can be accessed on http://htaabasketball.org/schedule

  7. We do not have a lost and found therefore please put your name on water bottles and please do not bring your own ball!

  8. Please only arrive a few minutes early, we are hoping to keep our groups spaced and away from each other.

  9. Please exit the Upper gym via the connector hallway.

  10. Please exit the lower gym via the back door.

  11. Please exit the RMS gym via the side door.


There are a few key non-negotiables as we move forward:

  • If your athlete feels any symptoms (Sore Throat, Muscle aches, Vomiting, Diarrhea, Chills, Fatigue, Headache, Congestion or runny nose, Nausea) please keep them home!

  • Each player entering the gym will need to show a green screen from https://screener.htsd.us/.  Coaches will check them.

  • If you decide to hold your athlete out for a week due to any concerns, please know we will not unenroll any athletes who miss a week or two.  Please feel agency over choosing what is best for your child. 

  • HTAA policy regarding the Covid19 protocol is in sync with the HTSD policy.  If you can come to school, you can come to basketball.  If you cannot come to school, you cannot come to basketball!

  • 1 spectator per athlete.  All coaches, spectators, and scorekeepers are to be masked.

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